A Mindful Journey to Optimal Performance and Harmony

SerenitySync is a program for you, the overwhelmed and stressed-out entrepreneur seeking solace amid your bustling life.

I understand the challenges you face: balancing countless responsibilities and navigating the turbulent waters of business.

Success doesn’t have to equal constant hustle and juggling a dozen balls in the air. Even the perfect juggler drops the occasional ball.

You started your business because you had a vision of what you wanted to do; you wanted more control. But the business started controlling you somehow, and now you feel swamped and overwhelmed. There are not enough hours in the day, and your business and personal relationships may be paying the price.

That isn’t what you intended when you began this entrepreneurial journey. True success lies in financial gains, professional milestones, and a happy balance between personal and entrepreneurial lives.

And that’s the goal behind “SerenitySync” – to empower you to reclaim your peace, regain control over emotional well-being, and create a sustainable foundation for long-term success.

In this 5-week program, you will receive:

  • Weekly Hypnosis Sessions
  • Self-Hypnosis Training
  • Audio resources each week – so you can listen in the car or at the gym – I know you’re busy and like to multi-task
  • Worksheets to help propel you forward.


While each session is geared specifically to your situation, there is also a weekly topic schedule:

Week 1: Your initial session, along with self-hypnosis training

Week 2: Manage Your Time for Maximum Productivity

Week 3: Increase Your Efficiency

Week 4: Reduce Stress to Avoid Burnout

Week 5: Let’s Review

You have two options for your sessions

In-person in my office in London, Ontario


Online if you are anywhere else in the world

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Master the three pillars to conquer business overwhelm and defeat burnout.

Did you know that:

  • 31% of business owners report experiencing high levels of stress
  • 20% of entrepreneurs work 60 hours or more per week
  • 64% of entrepreneurs say they are more stressed now than they were two years ago

Are you one of them?

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