Thank you for requesting the Overwhelm Assessment. I hope you find it enlightening!

All entrepreneurs and professionals get stressed from time to time. That’s OK in the short term but if you continue like that, you might have long-term health and wellness consequences.

The statements below relate to situations of stress you may encounter in business. They include task overwhelm, emotional effects, time costs and so on.

Consider each statement and rate it as:

  • always true of you,
  • sometimes true, or
  • never true.

Be as honest as you can.

The results will appear after you complete the assessment. If you wish to have the results emailed to you, please provide your email address before you hit the Submit button.

I feel I have too much to do and not enough time
I can’t stick to a schedule
I find it a challenge to prioritize work tasks
I never get enough sleep
I neglect my relationships with family and friends
I miss deadlines
I’m quick-tempered and snap at others
I spend my time putting out fires instead of being proactive
I have too many interruptions
I lurch from one crisis to another
I skip meals
I feel out-of-control
I never seem to meet my business objectives
I can’t decide what is urgent and what isn’t
I depend on substances to get me through the day e.g., caffeine, cigarettes, sugar, etc.
I waste time on social media
I get easily distracted
I suffer from panic attacks
I have a lot of unfinished tasks
I don’t have time to support those around me
I have no organization when it comes to scheduling tasks
My brain’s in a fog
I can’t delegate
I regularly miss family events
I have an email box overstuffed with emails
I don’t trust others to help me with my work
I find it hard to make business decisions
I can’t remember the last time I had a relaxing vacation
I spend all my time working in or on my business
I struggle to meet my financial goals